How you can Help

Volunteers are needed for upcoming screening events. Please let Esther know if you are available for any of the events.

Fall 2019 Screenings

  • 2019 Stand Down @ Ted Stevens International Airport (North Terminal) Friday, Oct. 25, 8:30am – 2pm. Eye screening and other services offered to homeless vets.

Screening in the Anchorage School District

School vision screening will begin on Sept 6. We will be screening ONLY preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade in September. Second and third grade and schools that want us to screen every student will be scheduled starting Oct 7. No exceptions this year. We have to maintain a schedule that is manageable and convenient for both our lions and the school nurses. Email Esther to volunteer or with questions.

Without volunteers we have no program.

Anchorage School District Schedule

Click here to view and download Schedule.

Please let Esther know which schools you can help with. Screening starts Monday.

Check back often, updated schedules will be uploaded frequently.

Contact Esther