How you can Help

Volunteers are needed for upcoming screening events. Please let Esther know if you are available for any of the events.

2021 Vision Screenings

Please contact us if you can help.Volunteers are welcome and needed.

July 3 Independent Day Celebration @ ER Lions, Field 2, setup @ 3:30
July 4 July 4 Parade, Latimer FD, register @ 1
July 17 Bear Paw Parade, TBD
August 7 Willow Health Fair
August 13-14 Fairview Back to School, Fairview Rec Center, TBD
August 19 Set up at State Fair Palmer
August 20-Sept. 6 State Fair in Palmer 11AM – 7PM
Sept. 7 Tear down at State Fair Palmer





Screening in the Anchorage School District

School vision screening is pending for fall 2020.  Email Esther to volunteer or with questions.

Without volunteers we have no program.

Anchorage School District Schedule

Download PDF Schedule Here as of 3/26/2021

Our current school year will be a challenge to all. The Anchorage School District has elected to start the first quarter with online only classes. This type of attendance is set through a Risk Level Assessment Plan. The  District will evaluate their plans every two weeks.
When the District does change to in-person classes there will be strict guidelines for all entering the schools. Our Vision Sceening Teams will be allowed into the schools on a limited basis. Screenings will be done one on one. The nurse will set up the appointments for individual students to come into the school for their health screening. We will be on call for these appointments.
Here in Anchorage, we will be holding our first screening event on October 13 outside in the parking lot at Begich Elementary from noon to 5PM. The ASD nurses are organizing this as a mini Health Fair so they can do their immunizations and health screenings and have invited the Lions to do vision screening. ​

Contact Esther