MD 49 Vision Screening

In 1996, the Alaska Lions joined Dr. Robert Arnold and Orthopedist M.Diane Armitage in their “Mountain of a Project” to eliminate Amblyopia (lazy eye) from Alaska. The process began with vision screenings, continued with a follow-up eye exam by a professional, and finally treatment by the specialist to correct the problem. The Lions have continued with this mission participating in health fairs, doing elementary school screenings, screening at the State Fairs, screenings at crab festivals and just about anywhere we can find a spare room to set up.

The Lions of our Multiple District have increased the number of screening each year, from 7,000 screened in 2010 to 20,542 in 2018. Per capita, the Lions of MD49 screen more than any other group in the world.

We have many stories to tell of our screenings.

About the child that went from being the class troublemaker, the class clown, the joker in kindergarten to the class valedictorian as a senior because the Lions found that he couldn’t see his own feet to tie his shoes let alone see the blackboard.

Young child getting a sight screen for vision at Lions Sight Committee.

Kodiak Lions Vision Screening.

Children in Alaska getting a vision screening.

Sleeping Lady Lions at Aurora Elementary School.

Spenard Lion John directing traffic at busy vision screening.

Spenard Lion John directing traffic at busy vision screening.

Mendenhall Flying Lion at the Rotary Safety Expo vision screening.

Mendenhall Flying Lion at the Rotary Safey Expo Vision Screening.

About the school nurse that noted a drastic change in a child’s vision results from when the Lions screened her the previous year. The little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would have caused her to lose her sight and possibly her life.

About the little girl in Juneau that needed eye surgery to prevent total vision loss.

About the mother that came up to the team at a recent health fair to thank the Lions for finding her son’s lazy eye early enough for it to be cured. And because of that they found that the boy’s baby brother also had correctable eye problems.

About a certain daughter of a notable politician that was shown to be cross-eyed by a screener at the State Fair vision trailer.

Thank you to the Multiple District 49 Lions clubs for giving their time and support of our vision project. Thank you to all of the individuals who volunteers and helps us making this year another banner year for vision screening: